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How our Mosquito Defense System Works

When a S'QUITO BUSTER technician visits your property, they will complete a property assessment and determine where mosquitoes may be nesting.

The following areas may be potential mosquito breeding areas:

  • The presence of standing water such as ponds, rain barrels, dense foliage, etc.

  • Overgrown grass that is too tall

  • Trees, shrubs, or logs, etc.

  • Rock beds

  • Among others


 If our technician identifies any mosquito problem areas, he will note them in your file and discuss or recommend measures that could further reduce the mosquito population. A note of anything found will also be made on the service email sent out after your property has been serviced.

 Once a treatment plan is created, our technician will begin applying the Mosquito Defense System:

  • Around the perimeter of the property (fence line)

  • House perimeter

  • Landscaping with trees, shrubs, and rocks

Our technician will place a little yard sign showing that we have serviced your property once your service has been completed. We ask that you do not throw these out and to place these to the side in a visible place so we can reuse them for your next service. 


Our Mosquito Defense System will be applied once every 21 days (weather permitting for spring, summer,

and into early fall) to ensure a reduction in the mosquito population.

Should you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page or feel free to give us a shout through our CONTACT page.

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